About DENNIS GERSHWIN Photographer

    I have been in love with photography since I became a member of the Photography Club in Junior High School many years ago, and my parents allowed me to utilize our bathroom in Brooklyn, New York, part time as a darkroom (complete with print box, enlarger, developing tanks, trays, fluids, and darkroom light). My camera, by default, was a Brownie Hawkeye  (but I really desired a Graflex Speed Graphic).Fast forward to digital photography. Gone is the darkroom with its odors, fluids, tanks, trays, and darkroom light. My camera is digital, and my darkroom is an Apple Computer. I am "semi-retired" and my passion for photography has incresed expotentially. My photographs have been published in Shutterbug magazine, Loxahatchee National Wildlife Preserve calendar, and local publications. A day without photography is a day of missed adventure, opportunity, and enjoyment.